Good night

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Today, I didn’t have to drive any farther than my usual commute. Well, other than the hairdresser, for a quick refresh of my color, and my Brazilian Blowout. The Brazilian (no relation to the wax treatment) takes a while, so it was a long visit, but even so, I was home early by last-few-days standards.

In that respect, it was unbelievably nice.

Tomorrow’s Friday. No hair-washing permitted; the Brazilian Blowout needs 24 hours to set. That’s the icky part. I have a meeting midday, also not extraordinarily excited about that. And since I’m having company Saturday AM and I haven’t finished properly unpacking from my travels… it’s going to be a hectic Friday evening.

Oh, but the weekend! The weekend is coming!

So it’s a good evening, thinking of that. Thinking of family. Thinking of friends.

It’s a good night. So, good night.

3 thoughts on “Good night”

  1. Thanks for clarifying that point regarding the Brazilian Blowout. I’m being 100% serious, because I was thinking it was something else entirely!

    Sounds like a good night. So, goodnight!


    1. If the Brazilian Blowout had been anything remotely related to a Brazilian Wax… I don’t think I’d have been blogging about it.

      Or maybe I would, once I stopped seeing stars and figured out a way to put a humorous spin on it? Hmm. Hard to say.


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