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The briefest of recaps

Things that make you say, "Ouch"

One of the less smart things I did on my recent trip was forget to sunscreen my tummy when I wore my swimsuit with the mesh midriff. Just on the last day, thank God, but still. Ouchie. My stomach has not been exposed to sunlight in… well, perhaps EVER.

So I have a very, very angry red “X marks the spot” on my midsection (as you can see), very apropos since I visited St. Thomas, home to Blackbeard and Bluebeard.

And some “famous” banana daiquiris, or so they say. Personally, I didn’t think they were all that good. But then I prefer Strawberry to Banana. And I prefer margaritas to daiquiris. So, not the best judge. 😉

The briefest of trip recaps: We had beautiful weather for all but the Sailaway party. I did 2 shore excursions on the trip: an “America’s Cup Yacht Race” in St. Maarten (wherein I was the port-side winch wench) and a “Ride and Swim” horseback adventure on Grand Turk. I had never been on a horse, so that was pretty cool. A little terrifying, perhaps, particularly for the “swim” portion (no stirrups, let go the reins, just hang on to the saddle pad and let the horses frolick as they will… and they will). And I was surprised to discover that the post-ride pain does not come the next day, or even the day after that. No, it waits until the third day, when one has returned to work and completely forgotten that one had such an adventure. Little reminders. Yay.

I had a great time. Here are some pics.

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