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The return

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OK. The reason I have not been moderating comments or responding to them was, well, I was away. Far, far away.

Please note that my posts while I was away were all true, only their chronology had been changed to protect the… well, the absent.

Gotta love the magic of WordPress time travel…

Anyhow, now I am back. Noting the following, briefly, before I collapse into bed:

  1. A perfectly lovely week away is completely obliterated, stress-wise, in the process of returning. I believe there may be some mathematical equation to explain it, whereby a person needs another day off for every hour spent interacting with airlines in any fashion whatsoever. (Oh yeah, and Delta wants to know “how they did” on my 4/17 flight. Why that is abso-friggin-lutely unbelievable is a story for another time.)

    Please excuse me for a moment while I ride the wave my couch just crested. I know it’s an inner-ear illusion post-cruise. It still weirds me out just a little.

  2. There is a terrible sense of shock to the system when one returns from a lovely floating vacation, in which the room is miraculously cleaned every time one leaves it and vast selections of food are available for the asking at any time. As opposed to the harsh reality of my place, where there are no fairies, pixies or elves: it’s all me.  (Except when it’s the delivery guy bringing me food. Though I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t like to be referred to in these terms. Nor, necessarily, would my cabin steward, now that I think of it.)

  3. Sometimes what sustains me on returning from a nice vacation to a house devoid of food (after a day of flying which has consisted almost exclusively of peanuts and pretzels) is the thought that I can order in something for delivery upon arrival. To return home and find that the local pizza delivery place is inexplicably not answering their phone (no machine, it just rings and rings and rings) is disheartening beyond belief. Which just reminds me what a baby I can really be.

Egad, tomorrow is a work day. I gotta get some sleep. I’ll tell ya more about the adventures later, K?

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