Mostly good news

Portrait - Lady in Black Dress
Not QUITE what I meant by "little black dress" LOL Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

The good news is that I don’t have to buy a new dress. My little black dress goes on just fine. In fact, it might actually be a hair looser than it needs to be. But not so much looser that I can’t wear it.  The skirt I haven’t been able to wear in forever, the pretty, flowy one with the slits up the leg? It fits too.


The OK news is that my capris… ok, my skimmers, because even petite capris come out too long on me but skimmers end just about where capris should… fit me. In that they go on.  Mixed results though: some fit just fine, and some are fall-off too big, and one set still doesn’t look good on me. Which is extra stramge since they’re all the same size.

Women’s clothes are just odd this way.

The bad news is that I really, really need to get a trip to the laundry facilities coordinated.  And I hate that place.

The other bad news is the a couple of the items I had stashed in the back of the closet fit me, or so nearly fit me that there is hope in sight. Sounds good right? Wrong. Sadly, they are now woefully out of style. And yet not so out of style that they could be in style, in a whole retro kind of way.

Oh well. That just means I can clear space in the closet for something new, should I ever feel inclined to shop.

It is just awful to be a female without benefit of the shopping gene or the fashion gene.

4 thoughts on “Mostly good news”

  1. I lack that same gene – and I lament the fact that it’s not really feasible to do much clothes shopping online. But I must say, shopping for clothes because you’re too small for the stuff in your closet is pretty fun.


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