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Saturday start

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The day starts early. The Ladies are coming today. An hour later than usual, but I don’t give myself license to sleep the full extra hour.

It’s a good thing, because I am just about ready, apartment-wise, for company — the cleaning done, the table set, the coffee ready to brew; nothing left but to get myself ready — when I decide to check the computer. I have an hour. There’s time. Continue reading “Saturday start”


Good night

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Today, I didn’t have to drive any farther than my usual commute. Well, other than the hairdresser, for a quick refresh of my color, and my Brazilian Blowout. The Brazilian (no relation to the wax treatment) takes a while, so it was a long visit, but even so, I was home early by last-few-days standards. Continue reading “Good night”

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The briefest of recaps

Things that make you say, "Ouch"

One of the less smart things I did on my recent trip was forget to sunscreen my tummy when I wore my swimsuit with the mesh midriff. Just on the last day, thank God, but still. Ouchie. My stomach has not been exposed to sunlight in… well, perhaps EVER.

So I have a very, very angry red “X marks the spot” on my midsection (as you can see), very apropos since I visited St. Thomas, home to Blackbeard and Bluebeard.

And some “famous” banana daiquiris, or so they say. Personally, I didn’t think they were all that good. But then I prefer Strawberry to Banana. And I prefer margaritas to daiquiris. So, not the best judge. 😉 Continue reading “The briefest of recaps”

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Way too much pre-trip drama

Fort Lauderdale - "Ruby Princess"
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Scene: my apartment. It’s Saturday night, creeping past 9PM. I’m not really tired, but I have a 4:15 airport pickup scheduled, so I am making the last checklist check, and getting ready for bed, when…

beep beep beep Continue reading “Way too much pre-trip drama”

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The return

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OK. The reason I have not been moderating comments or responding to them was, well, I was away. Far, far away.

Please note that my posts while I was away were all true, only their chronology had been changed to protect the… well, the absent.

Gotta love the magic of WordPress time travel… Continue reading “The return”


How does time feel to you?

Yesterday I talked about how two people I know visualize time. One has a mental picture for the passage of time, and the other has a way that different units of time are “coded” (in his case, by color).  Since I don’t have a similar way of “seeing” time, I was fascinated by this, and I asked my readers (hi readers!) to leave a comment on their own perceptions of time. Continue reading “How does time feel to you?”