That storm is close

The weather is seriously messed up. And by “messed up,” I mean a significantly less Rated-G phrase ending in “up.”

Is it late March where you live? It’s late March on my planet. On my portion of my planet, late March is considered “Spring.”

And yet, it snowed this morning. A messy, sticky, need-to-plow snowstorm.


So, yeah, I worked from home (in the aforementioned pajamas, of course; it wasn’t all bad).  Eventually the snow stopped. Roads were cleared. Somewhere behind the ever-present clouds, the sun set. Darkness descended, as one expects.  I began to forget that the weather is paying no attention to the calendar.


What was that? Did I imagine that? There’s nothing falling out of the sky…


No, I did not imagine that.  Really? A thunderstorm is coming now too? (Sigh.)

Minutes pass. And then…

Flickerflash… Rumbleboom.

Um, those were pretty close together. That storm is moving this way fast.

And just to make my evening that much more fun, just at that moment, the forecast tease comes on the TV: “Heavy rains headed this way, will turn into more snow overnight, we’ll tell you what that means for your morning commute tonight at 11.”

Messed. Up.

2 thoughts on “That storm is close”

  1. If it’s any consolation, even out here we are on track for our latest 60-degree high ever. If we don’t hit 60 by Saturday (and that doesn’t look likely), we’ll have a new record. Spring? What spring?


    1. Thanks Mark, but that’s just not much of a consolation when they’re threatening temperatures possibly dropping down to the 30s this weekend. It was a good try though. Hope Spring shows up for you soon!


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