Quick weekend recap

Family watching television, c. 1958
Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

Is it bedtime yet?  (And how pathetic is that sentiment?)

Friday evening I drove down to see the ‘rents. We had dinner. I did laundry. (Because, yo, having access to a machine Right In The House is, like, amazingly convenient.) I stayed up too late and correspondingly slept late into Saturday.

Saturday is a blur of not-very-much really. But my ‘rents computer was behaving badly, so I went blogless, despite my best intentions to be faithful to the Postaday2011 commitment. Otherwise I pretty much just grazed my way through my parents’ pantry (they keep snacks!) and stayed up too late again. Then…

Sunday morning… coffee.  Movie on TV. Chat with mom. Change some settings on their computer to slightly improve performance. Load up the car. Drive home. Unload the car. Head over to a friend’s house for their birthday party. Stop at the liquor store en route. Why do the friends who know I don’t really drink put me in charge of wine? Buy too much. Go to the party. Enjoy the friends. Have 1.5 glasses of wine. Feel woozy and have to wait to sober up before I can go home. Go home. Watch Return of the Jedi while I type this pseudo blog. Feel overwhelmingly sleepy. Decide to finish up this blog and go to bed.

G’nite all.

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