24 hours of suckdom

Finger binary
Not my hand: Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

10 PM; an evening spent with the laptop for entertainment and the TV for background noise. I get up to get a drink of water, and as I do, I feel a sort of tightness in my index finger.

I pour my water… and the pressure the gallon bottle puts on my index finger causes me to gasp in pain.

What the heck was that?

But I have not done anything to hurt myself. I shake my hand out, thinking muscle spasm or pinched nerve.

It’s weird.

Night, sleep, wake, shower, all done tenderly to avoid distressing my finger. Get dressed…

Discover that the pressure of pulling my clothes on causes sharp pain in my finger.

Finish dressing, now favoring my finger, carefully grab my things and head down to the car. Get in, get settled, go to start the ignition…

Scream in pain.

(Guess what? It turns out I put a lot of pressure on my thumb and the part of my finger that hurts when I start my car.)

When the screaming and the throbbing stop, drive carefully to work. Gingerly get coffee. Check emails, review documents, write holding pens in awkward positions so as to minimize use of my index finger.

9AM: go to the meeting that is supposed to end at 11AM, which runs over… past 12PM… (order lunch in) … past 1PM…

Break the meeting and take my uneaten lunch to go make the edits needed based on the meeting, until 2PM, 3PM, 4PM, 5PM, 6PM…

6:30PM; finish the edits, get in the car, start it MUCH more carefully than before and drive to the doctor’s office.

7PM; in the Doctor’s office. Consider mentioning the ongoing cold & cough, but it seems relatively mild at present, while the pain in the finger is actively ouchie ouchie ouchie.

Doctor sees a non-existent puncture in my finger, and wants an x-ray.

8PM; the x-ray shows nothing. Doctor gives me an antibacterial prescription and a tetanus booster and instructions to soak my finger periodically in hot water.

Drive home, still gingerly, as the cough starts to stir up. Get home, take an evening dose of 12-hour cough medicine. Settle in with the laptop.

9PM; Cough the cough medicine back up, while the finger throbs mockingly at me.

Egad. Such suckdom.

This too will pass.

For the record, it actually wasn’t a totally crap day. This blog just makes it sound that way.  😉

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