No excuses! Ok, well, maybe some excuses.

Not me.

I don’t know what the heck I did to my neck and shoulder, but it hurts like the dickens. And it’s not even my right side, where I’ve been known to get “mouse shoulder” when I’m doing too much back and forth from keyboard to mouse.

I should totally get up and do my workout. I should totally NOT let my shoulder hurting be a reason not to do it. Totally. Continue reading “No excuses! Ok, well, maybe some excuses.”


Bedtime and then some

Sleeping, male baby cat. Red hair.
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Three hours of sleep is nowhere near sufficient. I honestly don’t know how people with new babies manage to do it and not become psychotic in the process.

The odd thing is that I came home from work last night tired. I mean, drag myself into my place and collapse on the couch tired. I probably could have fallen asleep right then and there.

I could have. But I didn’t. I didn’t want to be up at 1AM, wide awake and wandering the night. That is specifically what I did NOT want. Continue reading “Bedtime and then some”