Um. Thanks. I think.

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I’m a Borders Rewards member. The Borders store nearest home is closing, but so far the store where I usually shop (nearer to work) is not yet on the chopping block.

But if history is any indication, it’s only a matter of time. I’m generally a realist, (okay, yes, I’m often a pessimist calling herself a realist) but I can’t help but hope that won’t happen. I’ve spent a lot of nice afternoons there, sipping coffee, reading, and then hauling out a back-breaking pile of books.

Alas, despite what I might have thought when I got my credit card bill (and yes, Sis, I can hear you chanting Li-brar-y! Li-brar-y!), I could not single-handedly keep them flush.  I fear that despite my best efforts, my favorite brick-and-mortar bookstore may not be long for this world. Not that I won’t still shop there from time to time, as long as it’s there for me to do so.

I get that they could use all the help I can give them, but still I must admit to being a bit befuddled by the offer I received today, to get $10 in BONUS Borders Bucks – Plus $100 in Exclusive Savings at Borders.

Um, what? I appreciate the offer and all, but if I wouldn’t sign up for this sort of thing in all the myriad times it was offered before they announced Chapter 11, why would I sign up for it now?

(Note to my fellow marketers – and to male suitors – if I don’t take you up on the same kind of offer after multiple pitches, it might mean I’m not interested in that offer. Time to change things up, eh?)

So, wait, back to this offer. Let me just make sure I understand… I can upgrade my free membership (that I don’t really use) and pay $20… to get “bonus bucks” worth $10, good for one week only (a week that’s a month from now), plus additional discounts (10% off products I might actually buy (possibly; actual products aren’t specified), of which I’d need to spend $100 to break even) … all from a store that may, or may not, be there in the future. And that, if they are still there, will be focused on “ebooks and non-book products.”

(I’m not even sure that means. Are they going to need brick and mortar stores to sell ebooks? Are they going to be focused on selling calendars, journals and photo albums… are they about to become my local stationery store?  Hmm. Well, that’s a thought. I do love the Moleskine notebooks awfulmuch, and I do usually pick them up while I’m shopping at Borders.)

But, um, no. Thanks (I think) but I won’t be expanding my membership just now.

I am thinking that I ought to go book shopping over at my favorite Borders soon though. While it’s still around. I love that store. And I love me some books.

PS, If you still have an active Borders near you, it’s free to sign up for the basic Rewards program, and apparently if you upgrade to Rewards Plus (for $20) in-store (not online), they’re offering $100 in coupons (on undisclosed items).  The pessimist in me naturally suspects that it will be savings on things I wouldn’t buy anyway; the pessimist in me need not influence the optimist in you.

3 thoughts on “Um. Thanks. I think.”

  1. The whole idea of so many Borders closing is sad but I feel bad for them to a point. Their marketing tactics are terrible and they are only digging themselves in a deeper hole by charging for unnecessary things and trying to play catch up with B&N and Amazon.


    1. Borders’ marketing really is a bit sad. Between being late to the party to embrace ebooks hurt them (though to be fair, I haven’t really been won over to that yet either). Plus I have to admit that Amazon kicks butt and takes names… I did a ton of my holiday shopping there… B&N markets better, and probably manages their costs better (because they’re still open) but of the two stores near me, I do like the atmosphere in the Borders better than the B&N. By a lot. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.


  2. I’ve enjoyed catching up!

    And it’s funny, I was just reading some about Borders marketing today, and thinking that I should head up the road to their store to pick up some Moleskines! (Naturally I never made it there.)


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