I suspected a joke

I can't believe I was nominated! No, I mean I REALLY can't believe it.

In her recent blog, No One On The Corner Has Swagga Like Us, Girl on the Contrary did the almost-unthinkable:

She nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award.

I’m honored. I’m touched.

I suspected a practical joke of some kind.

Not because I don’t trust Girl on the Contrary. No, my thought that the nomination must be facetious was a twist of self-perception and self-awareness.

There are people who think I’m funny. There are people who think I’m “interesting” (though usually more in the “odd” sense of the word). Nobody mistakes me for Stylish.  I could only think that Girl on the Contrary was, true to her nature, being contrary. Or that she’s being funny, which would also be consistent with the Girl on the Contrary I have come to know and love.

While she is contrary, and she is funny, she also assures me that the nomination was sincere.

Thank you, Contrary One. Thank you very much.

The rules of my nomination are that I have to write 7 seven things about me (most of which will almost assuredly prove how much I do not deserve this fine honor), and in turn, name 7 more bloggers that I feel do deserve this award.

I recognize a meme when I see one, but it’s sucked me in.  So here we go… seven things about me:

  1. I have always been a jotter and a journaller.  I haven’t kept any of my really old journals, though, mostly because it’s the height of embarrassing to read my own thoughts later.
  2. When I was a little kid, (of course) I couldn’t wait for the school year to be over… but I loved to play “school” in the summer. My mom thought I’d grow up to be a teacher.  I think it would be amazing to teach, especially in the younger grades. But between the fact that I can’t imagine being in front of people all day long, and the way I torture myself about everything I say anyway, I can’t imagine a job that would give me more angst.
  3. On the Myers-Briggs test, I am an INFJ. (Though I’m close enough to the middle on everything except “I” that I could almost be anything. Except an extrovert.) INFJ is the rarest personality type on the scale, and I used to joke that it’s because we don’t reproduce. People always laughed, as intended. But I stopped making that joke when someone recently responded, with absolute earnestness, that I should consider freezing my eggs. I don’t know what to do with that. Um… thank you?
  4. I’m not going to take this moment to tell you all the things that are wrong with junior high & high school (in my experience). But when teenage girls are standing behind me in line in a store, giggling amongst themselves (probably about a cute boy or a text they just got), there is a 14-year-old inside me who strongly suspects they are laughing at her, and cringes.  Fortunately she’s living inside the grown-up me, who has a more rational viewpoint.
  5. Apparently I should have a “five year plan” for the direction of my life and career.  This makes perfect logical sense, I suppose. But it goes against everything in me to plan for a future I can’t see and don’t believe is up to me to determine, so sometime in the near future I am going to have what will be a really awkward conversation with my manager on this topic.
  6. I have a low tolerance for being late to things. Keeping someone (Dad) waiting always felt like it was punishable by death, so if I’m running late somewhere, I am probably totally stressed out, and probably less than pleasant to be around because of it.
  7. I have had dreams come true. But (sadly) not “win the lottery” dreams or “write an amazing best-selling novel” dreams or anything like that. And not just the surreal deja-vu-feeling sense either. I’ve had actual sleeping dreams come true. Weird? You betcha.

Trying to choose ONLY seven stylish bloggers to nominate is tough, because there  are so many that I enjoy. I am leaving one off the list (because he’s definitely not looking for fresh traffic). I am so, so sorry for all the others I am leaving off. No offense intended. There were some hard choices to make. I did the best I could.

So anyway, here are seven other totally stylish, totally awesome bloggers that you should totally check out. Totally.

  1. Girl on the Contrary. Smart and funny, and just as flirting-impaired as I am. What’s not to love? I’d have picked her even if she hadn’t nominated me first.
  2. The Divine Ms Em. I “met” Em back when we were both on the now-defunct Yahoo!360.  While I enjoy her perspective on the day to day, I especially love hearing about her journeys – since like me, she’s an oft-solo traveler – as she adventures hither and yon.
  3. Dromedary Records. Some of my favorite people are part of Dromedary Records, plus I actually like a lot of their bands, especially Cuppa Joe and Stuyvesant. So if you like indie music and interesting people, check them out. If you’re not sure if you’d like them, you can stream their music on their website to find out. But you will. Listen, Love, Buy.
  4. This Journey Is My Own. I first “met” Kass as her blog explored a series on Enjoying God. I enjoyed this series immensely (eventually I stopped clicking “Like” because it started to feel stalkerish to be Liking everything she posted) but even as she has forayed into other topics I just love how open and honest and real and thoughtful she is through it all.
  5. The Hindsight Letters. Pretty much every time they release a new Hindsight Letter, I start composing a note to my former self in my own head. It’s hard not to nominate a blog that engages me in that way.
  6. Pray Live Love Write. The blog title alone pretty much sums up the things I enjoy about this blog. And more, and more.
  7. Attention!Employees. Pure enjoyment; this tickles the same part of my brain that loves the movie Office Space.

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