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Upcoming adventure

For a little over a year now, I’ve been trying to get a trip to Ireland together. It’s not so hard to make happen, really, the occasional volcanic ash cloud notwithstanding. There are even occasionally deals to go there.  It’s just that the deals are typically priced for parties of 4. Oh, and the fact that I’m more than a little nervous about driving in unfamiliar places anyway, let alone trying to find my way alone in places with narrow roads on which one is expected to drive on the left side.

Terrifying thought. 😉

So mostly I get these 4-person deals, and I forward them to my aunt. Aunt P is about 5 years older than I am (she’s the youngest sibling of a rather large set of kids; I’m her big sister’s firstborn). We both love to see new places; we’re both amateur shutterbugs (ok, I’m an amateur… she’s more like semi-pro); we even have the same weird food aversions.  We get along pretty well on a trip, all in all, having been on family vacations together and even (once) on a just-us-girls adventure.

She also has Ireland on her short list.  Plus, they’re a family of 3. With me, we’re a party of 4. What could be handier?

It turns out that schedules are a recurring problem. Ireland (if we go together, which is not a sure thing anyway) is looking less and less like it’s going to happen this year.  Here it is, only February, and my little Traveler’s Heart is already being broken!

No matter, we have a cure. Or at least a balm:

Ruby Princess - Image from

Aunt P emailed me today with an itinerary for a cruise that she and Uncle R are planning to go on later this year. Space is available in the nearby cabins, she said in her email, hinting heavily.

It’s in the Eastern Caribbean, which is one of the places I’d been thinking about possibly visiting. And all of the islands it visits are places I have not yet been.

Well. It may not be Ireland, but even so you don’t have to ask me twice.

I’m not giving up on Ireland of course.  Still, it’s sort of funny.  I just finished telling someone that I had no trips planned for the year yet.  And (BLINK) that is officially no longer true.

I’ll share more about itineraries and of course adventures another time.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go do some research to see what shore excursions I might want to do.

Hey gang, if you’re out there, I would love to hear your stories: Have you been to the Eastern Caribbean? If so, which island(s)?   What did you do or see there that you think is a Don’t Miss? Or… what did you do and wish you had skipped?  Why?

4 thoughts on “Upcoming adventure”

  1. Let me know what your ports are and theres a good chance I’ve been there (I’m too lazy to go look up your ships itinerary at the moment). Or I’ll just keep reading. I haven’t cruised Princess yet but I hear it is wonderful…….


    1. The big ones are St. Martin, St. Thomas, and Turks/Caicos. Any insight is SO appreciated… thanks Em!

      This will be my second cruise with Princess. My first cruise was with them, to Alaska. It was wonderful. But obviously much different in location from the one to Bermuda on RC, so any comparisons between the lines that I might make could be a little unfair.


  2. If you have not done so yet- go to and sign up for the roll call associated with your cruise. I know you are traveling with family – but its still a great way to connect with other people before you set sail, and it adds a lot to the trip. You also might find others are organizing excursions that are perfect for you.

    OK – this is a very beachy itinerary. Grand Turk is basically a cruiseline creation with beach chairs, bars, some swimming pools and other cruisers. If an excursion appeals to you take it. Otherwise, if you just want to spend the afternoon relaxing and talking to interesting people (safe, nice, interesting people)……walk down the beach past Margaritaville and go to Jacks Shack (you can google it). A guy named Jack decided to build a bar/restaurant/dive shop on what was (and is) pretty much a deserted island except for the cruise ships. Its safe and family friendly (though of course there is alcohol)….and you’ll feel adventurous because you’ll be away from the rest of the tourists but still able to see your ship.

    St Thomas – if you snorkel then you MUST take an excursion to St Johns….its a national park that is protected and thus has beautiful reefs and Trunk Bay truly is one of the prettiest beaches in the world.
    If you are thinking enough with the beach – then book Godfrey’s Island Tour(you can google this too) You can go by yourself because he’ll definitely have a busful from your ship and even if you don’t know anyone before, you will as you go along. You get shopping time in town – a tour of the island with a lot of fun history and commentary…….and we got to visit Top of the Mountain which had a garden to wander through, some great views, and the most amazing banana daquiri (sp) with or without rum. Personally, I’d skip the beach option…(I did in October) and that gave me time to wander around the cruiseship area which had shops and such before I had to board. If you get the urge to take the tram up to Paradise Point – you don’t need to book it with the ship – you just walk across the street from the ship and buy a ticket.

    I haven’t been to St Maartin in many years….the claim to fame in the 90s was the nude Orient Beach on the French side that all the tourists wanted to see. So I’ll be interested in hearing what you decide to do.


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