They say sex sells – romance goes commercial

Valentine postcard, circa 1900–1910
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Just to tie together my previous post and the upcoming Valentine’s Day “holiday” … here are my top 3 Superbowl ads with a romance-and-dating theme:

Teleflora “Help Me Faith” ad

I’m sure Faith would have explained, had she gotten a chance, that this was a bad idea. Dude, the girl that gets that message will think you’re dumb. I roll my eyes and shake my head, but the line at the end makes me laugh anyway.

Chevy “Status” ad

Filed under “A” for awwww. (But, um. No. I really don’t need my Facebook addiction to follow me into the car.)

Pepsi Max “First Date” ad

It’s funny because it’s true. At least, the part where woman is running a nonstop monologue in her head trying to assess 1,000 things that don’t remotely need to come into play on a first date. I actually can’t speak for what men think about, but I suspect it’s also pretty spot-on. (A guyfriend of mine would have recapped along simple thought lines like Dinner good. Girl pretty. Want girl.)  Guys, weigh in here: What does the inside of your head sound like on a first date?

Dishonorable mention for the Sealy Posturepedic commercial with all the glowing post-coital couples and the note that everything’s better on springs. Though I do have to say — there’s now a part of me wondering if all those amazing-night’s-sleep-on-form-fitting-space-material bed commercials are deliberately leaving out key information. In that respect, it might have been a successful commercial after all. I just never want to see it again.

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