Saturday slug

There is, on occasion, a Saturday when I have no obligations, no pressing tasks to call me out of the house. A Saturday when, in fact, I don’t even have to get dressed if I don’t want to.

Today would be such a Saturday.

I can blow an entire day with alarmingly little effort
I could pretend that my failure to join society today was because I am still not 100% over the cold.  (And the cough really IS exhausting.)  But that would be a rationalization.  I could also tell myself that it’s OK to be such a slug, because after all I did wash on Friday evening and I was working on a project for work until 3AM and then jumped back into it for another few hours when I woke up this morning. The implication being that it’s not that disgusting and I wasn’t totally useless… but again, that would not really be a good excuse for totally abdicating anything more than the most rudimentary personal care or failing to accomplish anything else today.

I am perfectly capable, given the opportunity, to do something-approaching-nothing for days on end, though normally I would at least get dressed for it.

I am pretty sure I need to get out of pajamas tomorrow.

I am pretty sure, now that I think of it and as I look around, that it’s time to stop sleeping on the couch. The cold isn’t that bad any more. I can probably sleep in my room. If I can find it. After all, I’ve only been in there for the purpose of getting dressed over the last few weeks, and I didn’t even do that today.

OK. Good. Resolved: I will sleep in my bed tonight. I will get up, get dressed, go to church and just generally be part of the world tomorrow.

It’s good to have a plan.

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