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Comfort food

Yesterday I made myself some chicken soup. I’m one of the many, many people who seem to have gotten the-cold-that-wouldn’t-quit, and it was encouraging just to have an appetite and enough energy to fix something to eat.

Something real, mind you. Which means it was a huge leap forward. For the preceding days I lacked the energy to even open a can of soup, and meals were largely of the more-fluids-please variety. Occasionally supplemented with reheated leftover pizza. The local pizzeria’s Special (swapping the undesired ‘shrooms for extra sauce) is almost like health food, right?  It’s got all my food groups in there… Plus I threw on a sprinkle of hot sauce to increase… something, I think. Vitamin C? Antioxidants? Well, certainly flavor anyway. Just what my deadened taste buds needed.

So I made the soup. It was pretty good. Later that evening, as my body tried to adjust to the novelty of real-actual-food, I suddenly wanted something else. Something that is pure comfort food.  I really, really wanted… biscuits with raspberry preserves.

Bisquick® Biscuits with Raspberry Jam Image from http://www.BettyCrocker.com

As it happens I actually have Bisquick® in the house, which I never do.  What can I say, I had a pancake craving about 2 weeks ago, and so I caved on my diet and allowed something into my house that I shouldn’t have around to tempt me.  The pancakes weren’t as good as my illogical craving demanded (not sure what I did wrong there)… but having the mix here in the house turned into a big “win” for making dumplings for soup yesterday. And now biscuits!

I rarely keep jelly, jam or preserves in the house either, but as it happens I did have raspberry jam. I don’t remember buying raspberry jam in recent history, but I checked the label and it’s fairly new. Delivered by angels to lend me comfort? I dunno. I can’t rule it out.

So today I am having a little snack of raspberry-smeared biscuits, and thinking that being sick isn’t all bad. It gives me an excuse to be a little bad, and eat something extra yummy. I promise I’ll go back to being good when I get better.

I hope everyone else out there who has been fighting off the string of colds that are going around, is also finding a few silver linings. 🙂

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