There isn’t going to be a blog today

There isn’t going to be a blog today. I’m sorry. I promise to try to get back on the postaday2011 bandwagon whenever I get over this bug, but I’m just not up to it today.  I tried. After a full 6 days of resting and working from home and never really getting fully dressed, I pulled myself together today and went to the office. And in the morning, it wasn’t awful. (The Dayquil might have helped a bit… but then again who knows since the afternoon dose didn’t do much.) But afternoon came and I slowly wilted. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror just before the end of the day, and realized that I looked sort of… three-days-dead. I mentioned this in passing to my boss, who said that she’d thought I looked sick earlier, but that actually I was looking much better at that moment. Great.

So I’ll be working from home tomorrow. In my jammies. And actually there’s something I need to get done tonight. Though all I want to do is get in bed for a week. So I’m sad to report that there won’t be a blog today.

Because let’s face it… this really doesn’t count.

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