New sweats, warm… feet?

For Christmas I got new sweatpants. I don’t wear sweatpants out-and-about, or even on casual days at home. Mostly, I use my sweats as pajama bottoms when it’s cold at home. Or when I’m somewhere other than home, like at my parents’ house, where it’s acceptable to pad about in pajamas so long as one is decent.

The sweatpants I keep at my parents’ house for such a purpose are, um, well worn. Holey, actually. They have been sewn back together in more than one strategic place, and there is a hole in the knee that simply cannot be sewn back together. It’s so big that if I’m not careful when I put them on, my leg will go back out that hole, rather than down to the ankle.

So for Christmas I asked for new jammie-sweatpants, and despite some eye-rolling on the issue, my wonderful family got them for me.  Truth be told, I think maybe they were tired of seeing the old ones.  😀

My new sweats? They are soft and warm and have no holes in the knees. Who woulda thunk?

They’re awesome.

They also have an unexpected feature: they keep my feet warm.

As it turns out, the sweatpants that fit me so nice and comfortably in all other ways, are looong. They pool around my ankles to a significant degree. In fact, if my tootsies get cold, I can pull my sweats right over my feet:

My new sweats keep me really warm in ways unexpected.

I didn’t realize I was getting footie-pajamas in the mix, but it’s been pretty cold here lately, so I’d have to say… I’m really happy about this particular surprise.

2 thoughts on “New sweats, warm… feet?”

  1. LOL – I live in workout wear around the house (though like you, I rarely go out in them), but I always used to find those elastic bottomed ones much too short…..so I go with the bootleg style. I agree – they are really comfortable……and maybe I’ll revisit the traditional ones – I like the idea of warm feet 🙂


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