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Defining success

Sometimes it's all in your perspective (Image via Wikipedia)

How would you describe “personal success” for yourself?  By that standard, are you successful? Describe your journey to “success” so far.

These were a set of opening questions that we posed to a recent set of focus groups. From there were launched into more specific questions more directly related to the study topic. But these questions, with their varied responses and personally-applicable aspects, were the most fascinating to me.

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What did Joseph pray?

Joseph interpreting the dreams of the baker an...
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While I prepare my little meal of loaves and fishes (tuna has been mixed, bread is toasting) I just needed to spill out some of the cacophony of thoughts bouncing around in my head.

The sermon today was on Luke 5:1-11, the calling of the first apostles. Not that I haven’t heard that taught on before, not that I haven’t read it any number of times, just… it resonated today in a way that I would be hard-pressed to describe. I definitely reacted to it, and I’m going to need a little more time to digest it, and figure out what that reaction might mean, if anything.

On my way to church, however, this is what I was wondering:

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Snowbound again

Four AM wake-up. I have slept on the couch so many nights that it’s no longer unfamiliar. Still too early, too tired, stomach churning over the minutia of the previous day. Quiet time, prayer time. A coughing jag or two. And then sleep returns.

Six-thirty the travel alarm buzzes. No snooze option, I turn it off and drift. My eyes pop open alert and aware of being late at seven-ten. Oh no. Oh yes. Thank God I can work from home but…

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Frozen fingers

I went out and shoveled today. No help for it; we got 8 inches of snow last night into this morning.  So I waited for it to stop, and then I waited for a break in the work-from-home workday, and then I went out and dug myself out. Or, well, dug myself out enough.

This snow-removal process entails putting on layers of clothes. A scarf, boots, gloves, winter coat. I bundle up like I’m going into the tundra, and then I start moving snow around, and I’m really not cold at all.

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I hesitate to move. Hush, be still. If I don’t move, if I don’t breathe, maybe I won’t —

cough cough cough *gasp* cough cough cough cough *gasp* cough cough

Steady stream of cough drops one after another only thing that keep me from hacking wheezing tickle in my ear that makes me need to cough want to scratch it with a screwdriver suck another drop of cherry menthol medicated unwrap the next before the last is over cough my lungs out cough my eyes loose cough myself nauseated


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Comfort food

Yesterday I made myself some chicken soup. I’m one of the many, many people who seem to have gotten the-cold-that-wouldn’t-quit, and it was encouraging just to have an appetite and enough energy to fix something to eat.

Something real, mind you. Which means it was a huge leap forward. For the preceding days I lacked the energy to even open a can of soup, and meals were largely of the more-fluids-please variety. Occasionally supplemented with reheated leftover pizza. The local pizzeria’s Special (swapping the undesired ‘shrooms for extra sauce) is almost like health food, right?  It’s got all my food groups in there… Plus I threw on a sprinkle of hot sauce to increase… something, I think. Vitamin C? Antioxidants? Well, certainly flavor anyway. Just what my deadened taste buds needed.

So I made the soup. It was pretty good. Later that evening, as my body tried to adjust to the novelty of real-actual-food, I suddenly wanted something else. Continue reading “Comfort food”

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Soup’s on

A glass of Orange juice.
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So I finally made it to the grocery store today.  Nyquil (and Dayquil) stocks have been replenished, as have orange juice and tissues.  So.Many.Tissues.

Plus, I got the goodies to make soup. At this very moment, I have chicken soup simmering on the stove.  I can almost just smell it, through my stuffy nose. Continue reading “Soup’s on”