Hair raising? More like hair managing.

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No one could be more shocked than I am that I am about to blog about hair.

Today I saw my hairdresser.  Is that the right word now?  Maybe the official term is “salon therapist”?  Well, anyway.  Her name is Bonnie, and I saw her today.  I see her about every 3 weeks, because that’s how fast my hair grows out to the point that my prematurely gray roots get unbearable.  (Yes they are too prematurely gray. I started graying at 13, y’all. That’s nothing if not premature! We will therefore just let any speculation about my current age go by the wayside.)

But I digress.

I hadn’t seen Bonnie in 4 weeks, because the holidays and whatnot threw my schedule out the window. So last week, I had to do a do-it-yourself temporary hair color just to keep from shaving my head in frustration. And even with the roots (mostly) hidden, I still gave it serious thought.

My hair is perpetually, incorrigibly bad.  It has weird cowlicks and frizz and general unruliness.  It’s prone to be greasy and oily at the roots (I have to wash it every day, or it gets totally disgusting IMO) but it is painfully dry and damaged at the ends, despite the fact that I don’t do cruel things to it like drying or curling or straightening or anything like that. I generally don’t do any of those damaging things to it – I can’t imagine how much worse it would look like if I did – I am usually a wash-it-and-brush-it-and-go kind of girl.

My hair has always been difficult, but it’s been worse lately. So bad that I have been using specialty shampoos, specifically for dry hair. Or for long hair, to try to keep it from splitting. Maybe with extra-hydrating-this-or-that. And conditioner as well, which I never used to fuss with regularly and now I can’t even consider skipping it.

To no avail.

So Bonnie told me about some treatments we could do on my hair, that might help it. There’s one where they put the stuff on your hair, and then you don’t wash it for 3 days, but it’s supposed to do wonderful things.  Her boss was very hot on how I should try that particular treatment, but again, I can’t not wash my hair every day.  This is not a personal preference thing… this is an imperative. I can’t not wash my hair for three days unless I’m going to be a hermit for those 3 days. And I have work, so that’s problematic. Plus Bonnie told me, aside, that the treatment in question would probably be great for my hair, but it’s ridiculously expensive for the amount of time it lasts. And I’m not a fuss-with-hair person. Plus my hair gets oily. So, she said, it’s probably not worth it for me.


There’s something she called a Brazilian Blowout. It’s supposed to smooth out my hair like the other treatment, but with only 1 day of non-washing.

OK, well, if I hermit myself in the house for 1 day, I can pull that off. Especially if I can work from home or take a day off the next day.

So we treated my hair tonight. Washed out the temporary color. Dried. Put on my permanent color. Rinsed. Painted on the treatment. Dried. Straightened. Straightened. Straightened.

OK, my hair? Pin straight. And the part of my hair where it was most damaged, and therefore soaked up more of the treatment? It actually holds comb marks, like if my hair was made of play-dough. It’s kind of weird, and looks just a little freaky. I wouldn’t want to go out like this at the moment. And I’ll admit – having my hair hang this way makes me want to do the forbidden and wash it right away.

No. No no no.

But it’s also super smooth and shiny. And in 24 hours I can wash my hair out, and do whatever with it, and it should be not-so-straight anymore but stay smooth and manageable.

With any luck I will no longer feel the impulse I’ve been having for the last few weeks, to just pick up scissors and hack away at it.  With any luck, this won’t be like the perm I had as a teenager, that was supposed to give me kind of a “controlled wave” effect, and instead turned me into a poodle for months on end.

We’ll see… wish me luck!

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