Semi-random observations

A few (more than) semi-random observations for today…

The minute I decide I want to take a particular trip in a given timeframe (in the spring of 2011, or sometime in 2012, for example) I start seeing deals to go right now. Though I do have some flexibility, and I don’t really mind spontaneous adventures, I cannot always just up and go right now. Likewise, there are always great travel deals in time periods that my calendar is booked solid with meetings for work, and I can’t possibly get away. It actually does not seem to matter how much lead time is involved, or what time of year it is. How are they doing that? And is it just to tick me off?

I am not sure that I have lost enough weight to buy pants in the next size down, or (knowing me) whether I’ll maintain long enough to make it worthwhile. I do know that all the pants in my “current” size are now low-risers (though only some were designed to be) and now drag the ground slightly unless I safety-pin them up on my waist (fashion be hanged). I had not realized how much being a couple pounds heavier than I should be was helping to offset my legs being just slightly shorter than I’d like them to be (or than accommodated by “Petite” sizes apparently). Unfortunately, diet will not resolve this latter issue.

My latest method of self-weirding is to wonder if I’m coming off as a stalker to the blogs that I subscribe to. No, I’m not trying to dig into their off-line lives or following them around or anything.  But I still wonder: Is it flattering, or weird, that I read them as soon as possible when I get the “new post” notice? Does my leaving a comment (if I leave a comment) so quickly after their post goes live seem positive, or just-slightly-freaky?

I am really thinking that I shouldn’t let myself go on any more trips until I get the last ones into my travel album. And by “last ones” I mean, every trip in 2010. Seriously, I could probably get any one of those trips done, or at least make a lot of headway, in just 15 minute intervals. If I gave it just 15 minutes a day I could be done well before the weekend. What exactly is my mental block?

Speaking of mental blocks, I am having trouble with my new password. My company systems force a password change every 3 months, and the passwords can’t repeat (or be too similar to each other) for more than 18 iterations. Or for almost 5 years, in other words. Quite aside from the problem of trying to come up with a new password that I can remember AND meets the company guidelines with that frequency, I always struggle for the first few days, even up to a week, after I reset it, just trying to overcome the habit of the previous password.  Or usually that’s as long as it lasts. For some reason, I’m 3 weeks in and still entering old passwords by rote before remembering the current one. Every.Single.Time.  I am starting to wonder if I’m going to still be doing that when it’s time to change it again. Is this the start of senility? Or just an exceptionally good password?

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away, and I am not ready. I’m paring down the Christmas card shenanigans as I’ve mentioned, but there are still some gift-related issues outstanding. I can’t get a straight story on what’s going on with the one item that I shipped back for exchange. I still have to stop and pick up gifts for 2 of my friends (but at least I know what they’re getting). And I still have to get one more gift for my Dad. I don’t have a clue what that gift is going to be yet, and it’s making me really cranky to think about it.

I am wondering if I can get my parents to hide all the food when I go home for the holidays. And I mean, Hide. All the food. When I’m at my place, I manage to control myself… but apparently the main source of self control is just escaping the grocery store without buying whatever I might want. If it’s there to eat, I can only restrain myself for so long, and then I will eat whatever-I-shouldn’t. And they always have things in their house I would never have. Starting with food itself, of course, as my cabinets are often pretty bare. But they have chocolate in their house. They have chips, and crackers, and cheese.  They even have oatmeal cookies, which are not my favorite cookie in the world, but will do in a pinch. They have, in short, all kinds of things I shouldn’t have and don’t let myself have in the house. Given free rein in that atmosphere, I fear I will pretty much graze from one thing to the next until I make myself sick. And that is just a recipe for solving my pants-don’t-fit-me problem in the wrong way.  So although I doubt they’ll agree to it, or that it would work, that’s what I need. “Ho ho ho, no food for you.

To do something a little more constructive with food, I’m volunteering this week at the local United Way, where we’ll be boxing up food donations for those in need. It’s a first time for me — I’m usually more inclined to donate than to put in labor — but it’s a season for giving and I’m looking forward to it.

And now, I need to go get myself geared up to do my workout, before I wimp out.  I might as well, as I couldn’t possibly be any more random today.

2 thoughts on “Semi-random observations”

  1. I’ll come back and read/comment properly – but the password thing stuck out because its the same rule at my office. The last time I forgot mine, the tech gurus reset it to be the month and year. It struck me as a very easy way to meet all of our criteria – Capital/lowercase/numbersandletters. When I am required to have a “different” one for a specific application – I add the name of the app to the front of the password – otherwise its the same thing. An

    Mind you I am not admitting that my password is Month/year …just giving you something to think about. That particular month is just circled on my office calendar because I like it :).


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