Dark morning

Something isn’t right when I wake up. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but it’s there nonetheless.  I realize that it’s Sunday and I probably need to get up and get ready for church, and that’s when it occurs to me that I don’t remember my work alarms going off.  Resetting them was one of the last things I did before getting in bed. Though it is pretty dim outside, I somehow doubt it’s that early.  I look at the clock and see the problem at once. The power went back out after I went to bed. Funny, in a way.

So I go to find another clock – turns out I’m going to miss church this morning – and a cell phone to call the power company.  Continue reading “Dark morning”


Temporary failure… of reason

The apartment is homey. Comfortable.  Safe, inasmuch as anywhere is safe.

This evening I streamed The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (I was in the mood to watch The Goodbye Girl … preferably the original, though I’d have probably settled for the 2004 remake even though the male lead in that one couldn’t touch Richard Dreyfuss. Alas and alack, that was not available in streaming format from my provider.)

Following Dragon Tattoo (satisfyingly consistent with the book at least; a shame Sweden doesn’t come off prettier), I was puttering about, tidying up, and – closing the loop on things –  letting YouTube partially satisfy my Goodbye Girl craving, as David Gates crooned the theme song.  A good night-into-morning, and all was right in my world.

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