Kindred spirits

Once upon a time, in a land called Yahoo! 360°, I had a blog. I don’t know that it was a particularly good blog, or interesting blog, or well-written blog. But I blogged my anonymous little heart out, and some wonderful things happened…

First: people read my blog. Who woulda thunk? And nicer still, more than 10000 hits later (yeah, I was there for a while), not one felt the need to post back anything along the lines of “Wow, you stink at this.”  (In fairness, they might have occasionally thought it, but not so strongly that they felt the need to point it out.)

Plus in the process, I discovered kindred spirits. In some cases, new friends. To name just a few…

I “met” the Divine Ms Em when her blog was Featured (the 360 equivalent of being Freshly Pressed). She is − among other wonderful things − a traveler at heart. She has a wonderful independent spirit and loves new places and new adventures. We have yet to meet in person, but I always think that if we ever traveled together (humbug to the single-surcharge!) we would have a great time.

On 360 I also discovered the poetic artistry of Mei Xiu.  Miss May, as I call her today, shares with me a love of words and books that crossed oceans. I doubt I will ever touch her poetic gift, but she encourages me nonetheless. She’s also something of a shutterbug at times. Though we only know each other in these small ways, I count her a dear friend… even if we haven’t quite managed to be on the same continent. Yet.

And now here I am — having moved my blog to WordPress, still trying to rediscover my voice in this new world.  There are endless interesting, fascinating, thought-provoking blogs here; my subscription list grows by leaps and bounds. And along the way, among others, I have discovered Girl on the Contrary. I so enjoy her humor and wit.  It turns out that we share a near-debilitating flirtation impairment, an aversion to men-in-the-ladies-room, and (as I learned today) a love of the Chronicles of Narnia that prompts both of us to re-read them annually. Plus, given unlimited resources, we would both opt to travel the world and write about it.

Actually, I strongly suspect Em would agree as well. Possibly May too. Hmm….

Across the interwebs there are an endless number of writers with whom I feel some kinship, some connection.  We are different — oh the beauty of a diverse universe — and yet we are alike.  I’ll discover another kindred spirit tomorrow, I’m sure.

I can hardly wait!

2 thoughts on “Kindred spirits”

  1. Kindred spirits for sure – but you can really write while I manage to be occasionally amusing. I do miss the 360 days but in hindsight I think it wasn’t so much that the format was any better than any other….it was that we were building a community of a different sort – rather than just blogging to the world – we were interactng with each other. I don’t find that here (or for that matter on Blogger) because of the extra effort involved in posting a comment and the associated difficulty in replying to someone elses comment. Multiply does that part well, but you have to join in order to read the blogs in the first place, so it’s not as easy to make new friends.
    But you have certainly found a way to make the changes work for you rather than against you…..and you are right – we would have a great time travelling together. And if you want to practice with a trip to DC – I’ve aways got room for company. Thank you for the kind words.


    1. Ms Em, don’t sell yourself short… I always love reading you. I appreciate your offer re DC. Sounds fun. At a minimum maybe we can try to meet sometime when I’m down to visit family in MD. 😀


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