Stinky office blues

Raindrops falling on water
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It’s been raining here for 2 days. Warm and rain on December 1. It’s unseasonable, and I don’t mind so much because I am more than happy to put off shoveling and driving in snow and ice for just a little longer.

All this rain means that my hair – being my hair – wants to curl and frizz and just generally be more unruly than usual. But that’s to be expected.

For some reason I don’t quite understand, however, it also means that today the office smells of old soggy socks and wet dog.

 It’s gross.


It’s also sort of odd, in that just this week they cleaned the carpets here in the building. Which, as near as I can tell, they only do a few times a year, and mostly means they sprinkled the carpets with some powdery chemically stuff and then vacuumed it up. (Otherwise the place doesn’t seem to ever get vacuumed at all. Also gross.)

I am basing my assessment that the carpets were “cleaned” on the way the office smelled on Tuesday… a powdery, chemically smell that was very strong and made me just a little sick. But I am thinking it didn’t do much in the way of actual deep cleaning, or perhaps – just perhaps – 2 days of rain would not be leading to a pervasive old-socks-and-wet-dog-smell.

 Did I mention, Gross?

2 thoughts on “Stinky office blues”

  1. My hair was frizzing out of control yesterday, too! Until a storm front moved through mid-day, it was in the 60s here in Maryland and actually humid. Totally gross!

    Of course, now it’s sunny and in the 40s. But sunny. I’ll take that.


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