iTunes Access FAIL


I am locked out! (Image via Wikipedia)


I recently had to replace my computer. The old one… well, after 10 years (which is like 100 in computer years), it was terminal.  But I did manage to move my iTunes library to my new computer prior to its final demise.

So far, so good. That will save me a lot of hassle in re-loading every CD I’ve ever owned.

Hmm. But I need to authorize the new computer to access my old iTunes account. Otherwise any song I have actually purchased from iTunes can’t be played.

Problem. I don’t remember my iTunes password. At. All. (OK, my bad. Sure. Thank goodness there’s this handy “Forgot Password?” link.)

Problem. When I click the “Forgot password” link, I keep getting an error that…”The connection has timed out. The server at iforgot.apple.com is taking too long to respond.”

Wait. Check router, modem and internet connections. Verify other pages load just fine. They do. Hmm. Try again. Wait. Try again. Rinse and repeat. Get increasingly ticked.

Problem. When I go to the Help page to try to get some help, or at least let them know that the “forgot password” page isn’t responding… I select that my issue is “forgot my password” and the first thing it does is …

Ask me for my ID and password.  WHAT THE…?

Problem. If I try to continue without logging in (supposedly an option, and the only one in light of the issue), I get a NEW error, saying that my connection was ended.

Dear iTunes,  I had not yet been won over to being an Apple devotee. At this rate I will not be getting there any time soon. Just saying.

Grr. It’s too late to fight with this any more. I’m just SURE it will all be better tomorrow.


Did it happen overnight?

A colorful sky is often due to scattering of l...
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The leaves have started to change. On my way home from work yesterday, I noticed it. Not just faint green/yellow tones but orange. And red. It’s not widespread yet, but where it is, it’s bright. Unmistakable. And it made me wonder, as I drove home under blue skies giving way to swaths of pink and purple, whether this was a sudden thing. Whether perhaps it started just that very day. But that can’t be, can it? No, more likely it’s that I missed it starting, while I was traveling, or in the week that followed when I found myself driving home in the dark.

Colorful leaves. Colorful skies. Lovely night. Wishing you all the beauty of autumn, in your corner of the world.