Halloween humbug

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Halloween is coming. I suppose I knew this, in that it comes at the end of every October, and I’ve yet to see a September that wasn’t followed by October.

Plus the grocery store and local Walmart have both (already!) been pushing the seasonal candy to a ridiculous degree. (Smart though; if you buy it this early, there’s virtually no way it will all last until Halloween proper. And that will mean you have to buy it again. Totally a retailing win.)

So yes, I have known that Halloween was coming, in a vague sort of way. It just didn’t register until I started to notice that an awful lot of commercials lately – more than average – are for horror movies. Some coming soon to a theatre near me, and some coming soon to a channel I won’t be watching those nights.

I hate horror movies. I don’t even like the commercials for them.

So… great. We’re up to the time of year that I can’t even have the TV on in the background.

Happy Halloween? (Humbug!)

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