Space Pen
Like this, only in bright green
Image via Wikipedia

I mentioned previously that my company had sent me out of town for a week of training, and that part of that included a business simulation.

Here’s what I didn’t mention at the time: My Team Won!
Which is awesome. All of the teams did great, really. No losers in the bunch. But that said, we did win, and that feels good even if you’re not a hypercompetitive nutcase.What we won, apart from a sense of elation and bragging rights (for the person(s) on our team who might be inclined that way), is a pen. A green (“as in money!”) pen, that sits in a magnetized stand. We knew this going in, that this was the grand prize: Whoo-hoo, bragging rights and a pen to show off to people “I went to this program and won the pen!”

What we found out after we won is that all the other teams won the exact same pen. Only in blue. Which, OK, may not come with the meaningless bragging rights, but (I almost hate to point this out), is a lot nicer looking. Maybe we could think a little harder about the rewards next time; I’m just saying.

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