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Inappropriate business humor

So, my company sends me out of town for a week-long training session (which, though intense, is vastly less horrific than the last educational opportunity I was “honored” to be invited to). One part of the training is a business simulation exercise. They break us up into groups in assigned rooms to input our “business” data.

My team is in one of several “meeting” rooms that is quite obviously just a regular hotel room, but with the bed removed. In fact, with the long hours we’re working at this thing, I actually thought for a moment (and apparently I wasn’t the only one) that it would be good if they took the one table out of the room and left us a bed. Or at least a cot.
So over dinner, two of the “teams” are sort of debriefing and letting off steam, and telling these really funny stories of some of the shenanigans the guys got into the night before, messing with the members of the other event that’s at the same hotel. The mood is light and silly and my teammate notes,
They should have left a bed in the rooms, that way you could take a nap… you know, if you finish early.

And we sort of chuckle, but keeping in mind that the teams have anywhere from 4 (like my team) to 6 (like the team we’re eating dinner with) people, I just raise my eyebrows in mock surprise and disbelief, and ask wryly,

All of us?

And we all laugh, but without missing a beat, a guy on the other team, across the table from me, says to nobody and everybody…

In this simulation… you be the CEO, and I’ll sleep my way to the top.

10 people around a table laugh so hard that it’s a spectacle in the restaurant. I laughed so hard that I cried.

MAN we were all overtired.


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