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Elbow Beach entranceI don’t know what your Labor Day weekend has looked like (if you’re not in the US, it probably looked a lot like a regular weekend, followed by a workaday Monday) but mine looked like a lot of nothing. And I mean that in the best way possible. I mean, I went to the grocery store and I got a workout or two in, but most of the long weekend has entailed doing not-very-much and staying up too late to do it and sleeping very late to make up for it.  All in all, a great weekend… and with an extra day of it to boot.

In light of the fact that I am so thoroughly enjoying the art of doing Very Little Indeed, it might seem odd that I am feeling an active antsiness to plan a trip, but there it is. I am browsing ads looking for a reasonably-priced trip to go somewhere.

Why am I doing that? I have an upcoming business trip. I have an upcoming vacation trip. So I am not hurting for “away” time.  And for all I have too much on my plate at work right now I am feeling less stressed out than can possibly be described. (You could chalk that up to the healthy benefits of Not Working On Mondays but I would attribute it to “peace that surpasses understanding” – let the reader understand.) So it’s not an escapism thing, either.

Still, there it is. Even with so much on my plate and 2 upcoming trips, and even though I am remarkably (bordering on pathetically) pleased with doing so much nothing, I feel this need to plan a trip. I even have a week in mind.

Now just to determine the Where of it.