Flash. Boom. Rumble

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I’m supposed to be packing right now. There is much packing to be done. If I am NOT packing, I should at least be fixing something for dinner, because I have a distinct Hungry going on.

But I am not packing. I am sitting here on the couch, tippity-tip-tapping on the laptop keyboard, which doesn’t always acknowledge spacing (which is irritating), while the Continue reading “Flash. Boom. Rumble”

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Don’t trust the post office with your mail

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Just before I left for my recent business trip, I had the post office hold my mail. I asked them to redeliver the held mail so that it would be here on the same day I arrived. And then, for good measure, I put in the notes “PLEASE DELIVER ALL HELD MAIL ON [DATE]”. Which seems like overkill, Continue reading “Don’t trust the post office with your mail”


Space Pen
Like this, only in bright green
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I mentioned previously that my company had sent me out of town for a week of training, and that part of that included a business simulation.

Here’s what I didn’t mention at the time: My Team Won!
Which is awesome. All of the teams did great, really. No losers in the bunch. But that said, we did win, and that feels good even if you’re Continue reading “Rewards”
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Inappropriate business humor

So, my company sends me out of town for a week-long training session (which, though intense, is vastly less horrific than the last educational opportunity I was “honored” to be invited to). One part of the training is a business simulation exercise. They break us up into groups in assigned rooms to input our “business” data.

My team is in one of several “meeting” rooms that is quite obviously just a regular hotel room, but with the bed removed. In fact, with the long hours we’re working at this thing, I actually thought for a moment (and apparently I wasn’t the only one) that it would be good if they took the one table out of the room and left us a bed. Or at least a cot.
So over dinner, two of the “teams” are sort of debriefing and letting off steam, and telling these Continue reading “Inappropriate business humor”
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Elbow Beach entranceI don’t know what your Labor Day weekend has looked like (if you’re not in the US, it probably looked a lot like a regular weekend, followed by a workaday Monday) but mine looked like a lot of nothing. And I mean that in the best way possible. I mean, I went to the grocery store and I got a workout or two in, but most of the long weekend has entailed doing not-very-much and staying up too late to do it and sleeping very late to make up for it.  All in all, a great weekend… and with an extra day of it to boot.

In light of the fact that I am so thoroughly enjoying the art of doing Very Little Indeed, it might seem odd that I am feeling an active antsiness to plan a trip, but there it is. I am browsing ads looking for a reasonably-priced trip to go somewhere.

Why am I doing that? I have an upcoming business trip. I have an upcoming vacation trip. So I am not hurting for “away” time.  And for all I have too much on my plate at work right now I am feeling less stressed out than can possibly be described. (You could chalk that up to the healthy benefits of Not Working On Mondays but I would attribute it to “peace that surpasses understanding” – let the reader understand.) So it’s not an escapism thing, either.

Still, there it is. Even with so much on my plate and 2 upcoming trips, and even though I am remarkably (bordering on pathetically) pleased with doing so much nothing, I feel this need to plan a trip. I even have a week in mind.

Now just to determine the Where of it.


Labor day eve

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Today was bright and warm without being hot. The sun set slow and easy, earlier than it has but not as early as it will. The evening air was cool, but not cold. It felt… exactly like Labor Day weekend. All it needed was a hint of a wood-burning fire and some still woods, and it would have been perfect.

I hope you enjoy the holiday weekend, in every way.


Rules for the Ladies Room

Public restroom.
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Here are the top 5 things I’d really like to tell people in the office ladies room lately:

  1. Flush. I can’t believe that in a professional setting I need to say this, but apparently I do. Seriously people, we teach our kids this; are we really not able to remember to do it ourselves? Flush.The.Toilet. No one wants to see what you left behind. Flush more than once if necessary. Flush using your foot or mummify your hand first, if it’s a matter of trying not to touch anything.
  2. In kind: clean up anything you leave behind on the seat. Honestly, if your aim is bad, you should not be doing the hover-and-pee thing anyway. Use seat covers, cover the seat with TP, bring sanitary wipes in with you to clean the area first; whatever you need to do to enable you to get close enough to the seat that you’re not leaving puddles. But if you DO leave puddles, or the mummified seat, or whatever, clean all of that up for the next person, OK? ‘Cause, yeah, I get that — germ-phobe that you are — you don’t want to go anywhere near the seat, even to clean up your own pee. But can you imagine how much less the next person does?
  3. It’s really nice for you, if you don’t have any issues about sharing your bodily functions with others, but this is not a conference room. I don’t want to hold meetings through the walls. Talk to me or each other at the sink. Better yet, talk outside in the hall, and leave the people in the stalls to their own business.
  4. I don’t understand why you’re OK with taking phone calls while you’re in the bathroom (personally I wouldn’t want to be talking to you while that’s going on) but even if you are, this is not your private bathroom in your house. You are not alone. The person in the next stall may not be as OK with sharing this personal time with your caller. Your caller is probably not 100% OK with the all-too-obvious sounds of flushing in the background. Unless this is a life-and-death-honestly-cannot-wait-another-second-emergency, get off the phone and call the person back in 2 minutes, from outside the bathroom. Please.
  5. This is much more a men’s room issue in general (HELLO GENTLEMEN, PAY ATTENTION HERE!) because a lot of women are apparently becoming prisoners in the bathroom rather than touch the door post-wash. But it still bears repeating: Wash. Your. Hands. I don’t care what you just did or didn’t do. I don’t care if you were just in there changing clothes, for goodness sake. You were still in a less-than-sanitary area, and you almost certainly touched at least one less-than-hygenic surface in the process. Before you go out into the world to touch anything else or eat or shake hands with me, please please please, for the love of God and all that is holy, wash your hands. If we could all count on each other to do this, then we would not all have to live in fear of touching the doors on the way out.

What public-restroom rules would you add?