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VAL: Ethiopia ahead!

By this time tomorrow I’ll have crossed over into Ethiopia!

Actually by the time this posts I’ll have long since crossed but you know. Magic of scheduling, because I had those trips planned. No worries I’ll be back to “real time” shortly.

Anyway, I might have to look for an Ethiopian restaurant for this one. So far most of the recipe calls for spices I can’t readily get or wouldn’t use often enough to warrant the investment. Or they start with saying things like, you’ll need (something I’ve never heard of) but no worries that’s readily available in your local Ethiopian food store.

My whatnow? No. I don’t think they understand my problem. I don’t even have a local Ethiopian restaurant.

I haven’t given up yet though. There’s time, there’s time, to decide whether or what to make.

Still, progress on the map is encouraging!

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May 3: Portland, England

(Original and secondary itinerary: At Sea)

We were going to be up early anyway because our shore excursion takes us hours away from the ship. But it’s also the day before we fly back to the USA. So that means we also needed our COVID tests. Assigned time: 6-6:15 am. Plenty of time to get tested, go back to our rooms to wait, and for me to have breakfast delivered before our 7:15 excursion departure.

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May 1: At Sea @PrincessCruises

(Original itinerary: Helsinki Finland)

(Secondary itinerary: Stockholm Sweden)

We’re not getting to either of those countries after all. Don’t get me started on that. My heart is still broken and although it’s still been lovely in it’s own way, I should have cancelled, saved my PTO time, and gone some other time. I waited 5 years of dreaming and 2 years of COVID travel restrictions. I could have waited longer for the trip I wanted to go on.

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April 30: Zeebrugge, Belgium

(Original Itinerary for this day: St Petersburg but well obviously not now. We weren’t planning to get off there anyway just because tensions and now… we’ll certainly not.)

(Secondary itinerary: Tallinn, Estonia, also no longer on the itinerary)

This wasn’t on the original itinerary at all. I think it’s truly serendipitous. Among the best days of the trip!

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April 28: Hamburg Germany

(Original itinerary: Tallinn Estonia)

(Secondary itinerary: Visby, Sweden)

(Tertiary itinerary: At Sea)

(Quaternary itinerary: Hamburg (for Berlin))

Final itinerary is still listed as Hamburg (for Berlin), but no Berlin options are offered. Grrr. Interestingly, Princess starts greeting about the EnchantedPrincess as coming soon with all new itineraries. Which it is but as someone ON the ship, I find that frustrating. So… even Princess thinks of this cruise as just a repositioning? Explains a lot actually. #NotWhatISignedUpFor

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