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Shifting perspective

Written before the stay at home order here. I don’t know if that changes much of what I said, other than that it’s all just a bit more exhausting now that it’s not a choice.


How quickly things change, from the days (just a few weeks ago) when I’d be angry when Amazon over-promised and (literally) under-delivered. If their site would say something is in stock and available for delivery tomorrow! and then multiple days later it was still “delayed.”

Then, I just felt lied to.

Don’t lie to us. The truth is always better than false hope.

That principle still stands, by the way. Hopeful but realistic expectations are more sustaining than happy falsehood.


These days, I’m just so grateful if something is in stock, or even has an “expected available” date. Even if it’s delayed – Continue reading “Shifting perspective”

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Stepping up (but not out – obviously)

This got more obvious as my state put a formal stay-at-home order in place as of last night. Not that I was doing otherwise. Anyway…


While I continue to get my 30 minute workout, which in all fairness contributes to my daily 10,000+ steps (8 weeks and counting now, for both) — I’ve also been really trying to hit 250 steps per hour (for the 14 hours I’m awake, based on Continue reading “Stepping up (but not out – obviously)”