Dad, doodles, and day lilies

Fathers and daughters, fathers and sons.

It’s Father’s Day weekend as I write this (weeks before I’ll post it).

It’s a pleasant early-summer day, which means my day lilies are doing their thing.

And yes, the fence line does give away that there is an extremely steep hill in my ‘yard’

Sunday church means coloring during services:

And an outdoor & distanced cookout at Dad’s for Fathers Day. For which I made the brownies, touched up with walnuts and a little leftover hot fudge sauce because that sounded good and also because that all needed to Go. Away. From me.


Goals revisited

It should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been here a while that I’ve continued to work my Duolingo … so recently I hit the three year mark, both in time…

Thanks for the well-wishes Duo!

And in days of lessons…

My streak is 3 years old (one a leap year)

(Also hit the 1100 day mark since then. Of course.)

And of course I’m still doing this every week:

Which means I’m doing my 30 minute workout every day.

Also I’m hitting my 10k daily steps since Feb 2 (though Fitbit added a streak count every day – yay – it wasn’t retroactive in its count so it’s only off by… oh about 80 days or so). 😉


That Feeling When…

In no particular order and not all from any one day…

TFW your UPS app says your package is coming by 3:45pm and lets you track your package and at 3:40 it’s two streets away and at 3:46 they change the status to “End of Day” and the truck has driven right past your street and is now 2 streets away on the other side and moving away… Wait! Waaaaait! I’m back this way…. Continue reading “That Feeling When…”